Bar Fight Ends In Vicious Double Knockout

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Nice Move

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Just your normal summer Saturday night in Hoboken, New Jersey. What led to the fight? I can’t be certain, but it was undoubtedly trivial, like an accidental bump getting to the bar because homeboy without a shirt was just camped out taking up valuable ordering real estate without actually getting a drink in thirty minutes. He didn’t work twenty hours overtime at his union job to have his hard earned money go to waste on a spilt Yuengling Light. He had no choice but to throw down.

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Billion dollar idea right here: a live pay-per-view broadcast jumping back and forth from fight to fight at each Jersey Shore bar on weekend nights. Endless entertainment. I’d rather watch two untrained goons simultaneously tossing out slobber-knocking haymakers with no regard for mankind over some 50-pound featherweights fighting defensively for twelve rounds and leaving the scoring up to the judges every day of the week.

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