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    First and foremost, thank you everyone for getting this pic enough attention that it’s currently on the main page. Even the haters helped make that happen. Quick little synopsis about the photo: 1) Yes, I am, in fact, a POG. A 2821, as it were. This means that even if I found myself in theater, 99% of my job would have me behind the wire, tucked into a little air-conditioned techo-vault. It’s not like I’d be going around kicking in doors anyway, so…yeah. I understand this concept is infuriating to those who I am presuming to be grunts/former grunts, because everyone knows that every grunt that ever existed spent 300% of their time eating foreign babies and buttfucking terrorists in the soul, ST6-style. And grunts are REALLY the only guys that count because let’s face it, chow/pay/comm-networks appear out of some fucking magical dimension all by themselves, and because explosions.

    2.)The reason for the two hashmarks is simply that I crossed into the Corps after serving time in the Navy, then having to start all the way back at the bottom when I stepped on those yellow footprints at Parris Island. Once after boot camp/MCT/Comm School was done with, I started my Reserve time while enrolling in college under the Post 9/11. After all that, I still decided to pledge instead of be a GDI.

    So, there it is. Seemingly disproportionate hashmark/rank ratio…no CAR…and still enlisted! Thanks again everyone for getting my pic on the main page, and to my detractors I now return you to your regularly scheduled mutual hatesturbation session. Cheers.

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    john brotarsky

    semper fi, but you’re not greek. those strips on your arms means you’ve never been commisioned or went through ocs, meaning you have no college degree.

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