“Behind The Dick,” Lil Dicky’s New Web Series, Shows What Life As A Jewish, Comedic Rapper Is Like

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Nice Move

Lil Dicky, aka Mr. Leftward Sloping Penis, aka Firm Handshake, aka Slim Boner, aka The Urologist, aka The Original Pancake, aka Watch Yo Girl Pussy, Homie, aka my dear friend, launched his brand new web series today. It’s called “Behind The Dick,” and it takes you behind the scenes of his tours, showing you what life is like for a white, Jewish, comedic rapper coming up in the rap game.

LD on why he’s not that into hooking up with groupies: “I’m like way too paranoid about STDs in general, so it’s just not worth the hassle. I know that I get the most hand jobs in the rap game.”

Bars and jokes. LD’s got bars and jokes.


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