Belgium’s Prime Minister Fires Shot At Obama With World Cup Beer Bet

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Nice Move

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Shots, as they say, have been motherfucking fired. Belgium Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo (great name for a leader of a country), who sports a quaffed comb over in his Twitter avatar that would set your mom’s panties on fire, has proposed a bet to United States President Barry Obama based on the outcome of Tuesday’s soccer match between the U.S. and Belgium.

Here’s the proposed bet, via Twitter:

That “:-)” may seem like friendly banter to the casual observer, but make no mistake about it. That was a calculated move–the move of a smug, confident, asshole leader of a country who thinks he’s got this bet in the bag.

This wouldn’t be the first time Barry accepts such a wager, if he were to do so. He paid his beer debt to Canada after the U.S. hockey team was defeated by our cover band during the Sochi Olympics this year.

Say what you want about the POTUS, but sideshows like this make him fairly likable. I think he accepts.


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