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    BROld Spice

    Disciple of Lee said:

    I wouldn’t normally post anything in here, but I feel as though the caliber of shirts being posted is subpar. More than likely, this shirt will get torn apart by some pretentious douche bag for a tiny detail, but compared to some of the shirts I’ve seen on here, I’m proud of this one.

    Very nice. I’m not a real fan of the font choice for “Date Party,” but that’s trivial at best. Great shirt.

    ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 4 years ago
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    CarBro Shorts

    lasvegasforlife said:

    CandC said:

    The entire ritual isn’t on the web. Only the first half of ritual is on wikileaks (a version from the 60′s, no less), and no secrets are revealed by that point–hell not even the most important part is shown by then. ZAX is explained in an obscure forum post from years ago, congratulations that’s 1 of 3 phrases that every Lambda Chi knows, and you’d need a lot more information than that to pass yourself off as a brother.

    But since you want to play hardball, here’s some fraternities that have their ritual COMPLETELY explained and annotated on the web, and have large representations on this site.

    Sigma Chi
    Kappa Sig
    Sig Ep

    So really, there are fraternities both larger AND smaller than LXA that have everything that makes them special for anyone to read out there.

    That is not entirely true, yes you can find the SigEp ritual book in the library of congress, like every other frat’s book, but the important passages, and words are never written down and are passed along by the word of mouth…

    Also, herpes is passed down by mouth.

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    Fratconia Copper

    Fratersby said:

    David Allan CEO said:

    Shirt from last summer

    this, on the other hand, is one of the geediest shirts yet. One would think after seeing people rail on shirts similar to this in earlier posts that you would have the good sense not to post it….

    Yeah way too set yourself up for that one. If your fraternity shirt doesn’t even have a frocket built into the design… don’t bother posting it. You will be publicly lambasted.

    ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 4 years ago
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    Vincent Van Bro said:

    sigpi4life said:

    AnimalHouse1897 said:

    Hoooter Tank

    Sig Pi Beta Kappa for lyyyyyfffeeeee

    I wish you understood the lack of self-respect you just showed by typing like that. You’re name and word choice have made you look bad and your fraternity even less respectable.

    okay the shirt is FAF, I love it. However is correct, even our nationals shuns the use of Sig Pi. Now that being said frat on good brothers of Sigma Pi

    ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 4 years ago

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