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    CandC said:

    The entire ritual isn’t on the web. Only the first half of ritual is on wikileaks (a version from the 60′s, no less), and no secrets are revealed by that point–hell not even the most important part is shown by then. ZAX is explained in an obscure forum post from years ago, congratulations that’s 1 of 3 phrases that every Lambda Chi knows, and you’d need a lot more information than that to pass yourself off as a brother.

    But since you want to play hardball, here’s some fraternities that have their ritual COMPLETELY explained and annotated on the web, and have large representations on this site.

    Sigma Chi
    Kappa Sig
    Sig Ep

    So really, there are fraternities both larger AND smaller than LXA that have everything that makes them special for anyone to read out there.

    Its called a secret ritual book

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    RFTH said:

    NorthernFratLife said:

    SECGreek said:

    Mward2002 said:

    St_Frattys_Day said:

    Shutters said:

    Summer Tanks


    I want to haze the shit out of the dumbass who came up with it, and the bigger dumbass who approved it. You’re going to look like a bunch of fucking idiots out there with your tanktops. Man the fuck up and buy a real god damn shirt so you pull a guy or two that’s a little less retarded than the two who made this tanktop happen. Shit like this is why TKE gets blasted on this website.

    Second. I wouldn’t ever be seen wearing this shit.


    Good. Another chapter looking like GDIs.


    Most purchased article of clothing in the UW Greek System this year…oops!

    Clearly it’s a cultural difference. We get it, the state of Washington’s largest export is probably cargo shorts, but UW is a top academic institution with the largest Greek System on the west coast. To those fraters nationally hating, suck both my nuts, because I’m sure we’re a stronger chapter than you.

    Having reluctantly given up on the alternatives of physically relocating the UW Greek System to somewhere between Tuscaloosa and Athens, we’re going to go ahead and run the table with the cards were given. I’d welcome all of you to take your G6′s and/or personal cruise ships up here and check it, we’ll show you a good time.


    No. It makes you look like a GDI.

    BΣ 1432

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    Fratlanta Falcons said:

    Do other chapters wait until all their pledges initiate before they hand them shirts? Our chapter has had a problem of handing out shirts to pledges on bid day (with the fraternity letters spelled out) and letting them buy shirts for other events during pledgeship, but if they drop before they initiate, they walk around campus with our letters and could possibly make us look bad.

    Do yall just wait and give it to them? Or if they drop do you make them give the shirts back? I’m just curious how others handle this.

    If we cut them or they drop then we take back anything we gave them during their pledgeship. Usually the mem ed. takes care of this

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