Best Frat Tees

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Post photos of the best shirts from your chapter.



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    Vincent Van Bro

    Fraternity Lifestyle said:

    Vincent Van Bro said:

    sigpi4life said:

    AnimalHouse1897 said:

    Hoooter Tank

    Sig Pi Beta Kappa for lyyyyyfffeeeee

    I wish you understood the lack of self-respect you just showed by typing like that. You’re name and word choice have made you look bad and your fraternity even less respectable.

    I highly doubt this is a Sigma Pi. Sorry I’m not sorry you got balled, geed.

    “Sorry I’m not sorry”….You can’t be serious? Sigma Pi’s, I’m laughing to myself thinking about yall’s tent at Ole Miss all of us were forced to visit during formal rush. Knew I was in a winning tent when the president was a 90 pound Indian kid and I was greeted at the door (well it was more of a flap in the side of the tent) by a 30 something year old bald man. Take a lap.

    ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 4 years ago

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