Best Frat Tees

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Post photos of the best shirts from your chapter.



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    St Broseph

    Alex Fratski said:

    The Dude Abides said:

    William Howard Frat said:

    Rihanna Deserved It said:

    shirt i designed for last years winter formal

    in ZAX, FaF

    Who is Zax and why would you want to be in him?

    ZAX is something your that frail mind and “dudes” like yourself will never understand.

    Lambda Chi is a fucking joke, your entire ritual is on the web. Maybe teach your brothers the importance of a ritual and then we actually wouldn’t be able to understand what ZAX means. I’m proudly not a Ramda Guy and I know what ZAX means, but out of respect for your secrets I won’t tell all of these “frail minded dudes.” Learn to take a joke and stop trying to take yourself so seriously.

    ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 4 years ago

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