Bibi Jones Vined Herself 33 Times Last Night While Driving Hammered And Playing With Herself

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Nice Move

UPDATE I: All the incriminating Vines have been deleted. All I have left to show for it is this screenshot:

Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 8.21.51 AM

Sorry if you missed them. Let’s hope someone turned them into videos. If they turn up, I will re-post.

UPDATE II: Thanks to Barstool Sports for capturing some of the Vines on YouTube:


So, porn star Bibi Jones had an interesting night last night.

Around dusk yesterday evening, she got in her car, hit the road, then posted the following Vine while driving:

Aside from the obvious danger in filming herself (and the road) while driving, nothing else about this short clip reveals anything too alarming or noteworthy. Just a porn star driving and singing along to some cheesy country song. Had she been drinking at this point? Probably, but it’s hard to say for sure. However, at some point between posting this video and the following one, Ms. Jones got hammered.

Here it is:

She kept Vining, and Vining, and Vining. She posted a total of 33 times in a span of about three hours, appearing very drunk each time, and every one of them was posted while she was behind the wheel of her car.

In a couple of the posts, the content gets pretty NSFW, so I’m not able to share them with you (although I’m sure you pervs can find them pretty easily). She busts her moneymakers out at one point, saying to her followers with slurred speech, “Y’all are just pervs. This is what you want to see?” Then BAM, tits and nips out and all up in your face.

The very next post is where this drunken Vine saga hits its peak. With empty eyes and a soulless, mouth-breathing expression on her face, she calmly explains, “I’ll give you what you want.” Apparently, what she thinks the people wanted was a good old-fashioned highway finger blast session, so that’s exactly what she gave him. I only watched it so I could provide a full report and give an adequate description, so here it is:

She pulls her panties aside while sitting in her car. It’s difficult to see what kind of panties they were. Odds are they were probably basic, white, cotton underpants, but then I started thinking, maybe they were silk panties. Maybe it’s a thong. Maybe they were something really cool that I don’t even know about. Ya know? Anyway, then she just gives herself a little action down there and it’s over.

She also goes on to talk about her daddy issues, then she drops this little gem on us about her father’s fraternity days at oSu.


The obvious takeaway here is that drinking and driving is incredibly dangerous. Texting (or Vining, ‘Gramming, etc.) while driving is considered to be equally dangerous by many. And finally, drinking and driving while Vining and showing your tits and twerking your vagina is probably the worst combination of unsafe activities you can perform while driving.

Be smart out there, guys.

h/t prex8390

[via Vine]



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