Bill Clinton ‘Dat Ass’ Photobombs Kelly Clarkson At Presidential Inauguration

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Nice Move

Ole Slick Willy’s still got it.

President Clinton, like everyone, has his shortcomings: a tendency to bend the truth, occasional acts of adultery, poor seminal aim, etc. Billy has an abundance of strong qualities though, too: he can balance one hell of a budget, manage a thriving economy, close on women, and he has the best perv stare in the game.

Take this photo from today’s presidential inauguration, photo-bombing the meaty Kelly Clarkson with his patented ‘dat ass’ stare that has proven to seduce women with an unprecedented success rate. Anyone else think Clarkson is a poor hair dye job away from closely resembling a young Monica Lewinsky? Bill likes ’em thick, apparently.

Slick Willy

Clarkson, 30, sang “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” with the United States Marine Band in advance after Obama’s moving address. And, as the very first American Idol champ sang her heart out, another President — Bill Clinton — was photographed inadvertently “photo-bombing” Clarkson in a hilarious snapshot that hit Twitter.

His stares have stood the test of time.


And now:

Don’t change, Bill. Don’t ever change.

[via Us Weekly]

Image via Us Weekly



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