NBA Legend Bill Walton on Live TV: “I majored in biology at UCLA. On sorority row.”

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Nice Move

Basketball legend, drug enthusiast, and shameless broadcaster Bill Walton brought the aforementioned shamelessness hard today in the midst of working the St. Mary’s-Cal game for the Pac 12 Network. Apropos of God knows what — it’s not like Walton needs an excuse to say anything, and if he ever goes too far he can believably blame it away on a spontaneous acid flashback — Walton told his fellow broadcaster that, “I majored in biology at UCLA. On sorority row.”

I mean, it’s not like the man is lying. The guy was a star athlete at a state university in the 1970s. He probably had more thirsty sorority girls than a campus Starbucks.

Keep being you, Bill.


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