Black Dude Accidentally Watches Hockey For The First Time, Loves It, Live Tweets The Whole Thing

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Nice Move

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Last night, Twitter user Tony X (@soloucity) changed the channel to FS Midwest to watch some Cardinals baseball. Instead, he caught the start of the Chicago Blackhawks, St. Louis Blues game 7 matchup in the first-round of the playoffs. He had never seen hockey before, but he was not disappointed. He picked a hell of a game to pop his hockey cherry, too. The Blues barely managed to maintain their third period lead, and a shot from Brent Seabrook — which juuust bounced off both posts — almost tied it. The Blues finally advanced to the next round after the Blackhawks dug themselves out of a 3-1 hole to tie the series.

Tony live-tweeted his viewing experience, and his fascination with the unfamiliar sport quickly went viral. His conclusion: Shit’s lit.

The Blues will face off against the Dallas Stars in the next round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Y’all better step up. Tony’s gonna be watching, fam.

P.S.: Tony, in the meantime, I recommend brushing up on some Donald Brashear. The dude could barely skate, but he had the best left hook in the league.


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