Blake Griffin’s Standup Comedy On NBA Players, Trades, And The Strip Club Is Actually Pretty Decent

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Nice Move

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Blake Griffin is one of the few athletes that’s genuinely funny. From his Kia commercials to his Twitter game that was highlighted last summer when he and fellow Clippers teammates took DeAndre Jordan “hostage,” it’s evident that Blake has plenty of self awareness and natural comedic ability that could translate into television, movies, or even standup when he decides to hang it up from basketball.

Not sold? Check out his 10-minute set from Just for Laughs Montreal where he gives some decent laughs and insight into being a professional athlete — from being traded to another team to hitting the titty club with veteran players for the first time.

If you don’t have time to watch the entire thing, skip to the 6:30 mark for his story about stripper buffets. Really solid material and timing from Blake, especially that closing joke. Kid’s a natural. Freakish athleticism and a great sense of humor? Some dudes just have it all.

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