“Bound 4” Is A Delta Tau Delta Parody Video That’ll Sexually Arouse You And Make You Want To Rush Delt

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Nice Move

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*** Update: These guys are from Pepperdine University and this was a pledge project. ***

We’re short on context here. I’m not sure whether Bound 4–a “parody of Bound 3 which is a parody of Bound 2”–is intended to be a rush video or a pledge class project, or if it’s just for shits and gigs. I don’t even know which university these guys are from, but I do know one thing about this video: it’s fucking perfect.

The facial expressions, the setting, the flawless mimicking of Kanye and Kim’s movements and sexual chemistry, the gyrating, the unbridled sexual passion between the two–it’s all perfectly sexual and, well, just fucking perfect.

Rush ∆T∆.

h/t PhuckURushDelts

Image via YouTube


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