Box Labeled “BOMB” On LSU’s Campus Creates Chaos, Not A Bomb

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Bomb threats at universities across the country seem to happen damn near daily. While most occur at One Leaf University in Big Hole, Oklahoma, every now and then a major university is disrupted by the idiocy of some attention-seeking moron. None of them seem to amount to anything, but that doesn’t stop the glorified campus mall cops from breaking out Wall-E and going to work on the “suspicious package.”

That very thing happened yesterday at Louisiana State University when an LSU employee noticed two boxes sitting outside of the Office of Bursar Operations. Unlike most bomb threats, this one seemed to involve either a forgetful criminal or a hilarious mastermind. One of the boxes left outside of the offices had “BOMB” written in Sharpie on the top of the box, which unsurprisingly raised suspicion and led to a call to the LSU Police Department.

The LSU PD evacuated the area and activated the emergency notification system to alert students of the bomb threat and to stay away from the area.

After police x-rayed the aptly labeled box and determined that they still had no idea what was inside, they detonated it with their remote controlled robot, only to discover it was filled with coffee. Fucking coffee. After almost three hours of waiting, the area finally reopened to students and staff.

Between bomb threats and creepy dorm video voyeurs, the university’s publicity has not been stellar lately. Control your crazies, LSU.

[via LSU Reveille]

Image via Charles Champagne


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