BREAKING: ATO Pledge NOT Involved In Viral Stripper Video, Still Shut Down By Nationals

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Nice Move

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By now, you’ve watched or have at least heard about the viral video that was leaked online, showing a member of Alpha Tau Omega at Indiana University going to town on a stripper while surrounded by members of the chapter.

In the video’s wake, the fraternity was suspended by the university while an investigation into the matter was launched.

Meanwhile, ATO’s national organization was conducting their own investigation. They determined that, contrary to prevailing belief, the main character in the video — the one appearing to eat out the stripper — was not a pledge. He’s a 21-year-old active member of the fraternity.

The chapter has been shut down by the national office, citing the reason that the actions in the video are contrary to the ideals and principles of the fraternity.

Below is an official statement by Alpha Tau Omega.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 12.00.42 PM

Bad news for IU’s ATO chapter: They are shut down, and in some deep shit. The good news: The shit could have been a lot deeper. Thankfully for them, this wasn’t a pledge.

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