UPDATE: Cutest Bear Cub On Earth Bit Some Students At Washington U And Gets To LIVE

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Nice Move

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UPDATE: Boo Boo gets to live. Fuck yeah.


I bring saddening news out of St. Louis via the ever-breaking news source, Twitter.

Washington University administrators brought a leashed bear cub to campus for students to interact with in order to uplift their spirits for final exams. The Bear is the Washington University mascot. This particular bear cub’s name is Boo Boo. As you can see above, Boo Boo is cute as shit. In my opinion, he’s the cutest bear cub on the planet.

Boo Boo got a little excited to be around the Wash U students and nipped some of them with his little bear cub teeth, because, you know, he’s a baby bear. Baby bears, by the way, naturally mature to be blood-thirsty killing machines in the wild. It’s what they do. They depend on hunting for survival. They’re bears.

Because it was unknown whether Boo Boo had rabies–something that seems unimaginable since he was chosen to interact with real human beings–the students who were bitten may have to see a physician to receive their rabies vaccinations.

Oh yeah, and they decided to kill poor Boo Boo.

Apparently, an animal can’t be tested for rabies unless it is dead–something about having to cut its head off to test it. I’m sad for poor Boo Boo. Thoughts go out to Boo Boo’s bear family.

Man, someone really screwed this thing up.


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