Breaking: Infamous ‘Butt Pee’ Picture Released

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Nice Move

We’ve all heard about it. We’ve all discussed it. We’ve all argued about its actual existence. Even after I opened the image in my email that one fateful day back in the spring, I wondered if it was a mirage, or if I was, in fact, staring at the asshole of a young person bent over and taking a healthy dose of urine by one of our soulless TFM users, with a little penis head in view to verify the stream’s source.

Alas, it was real all along. After countless refusals to post the photo by the TFM staff, the butt pee-er has released it himself. You all know him as Jerry Fratdusky, all-star TFM personality and troll. Because of the heinous and graphic nature of the image, we will not be embedding the photo here. A link to Fratdusky’s Twitter account, where the grand reveal occurred, will have to suffice.

Every time some innocent young lady’s anus is micturated upon in this fair internet, I’m supposed to post it for the world to see?

Click here for Fratdusky’s Twitter account.

These are sick people, folks. Sick, sick people.

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