BREAKING: Texas State Dick Flasher Strikes Again (Updated)

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Nice Move

UPDATE: The perp is now in custody per campus PD. Sleep well, San Marcos.


We reported yesterday that a serial dick flasher was loose on the campus of Texas State University. He coerced two female students to approach his vehicle, then BAM, schlong out in full view before driving off, like a thief in the night. Law enforcement set out to catch the pervert. The San Marcos Police Captain was even quoted saying he prides his department on catching dick flashers.

Well, it’s looking like the perp is still on the loose, still cruising around in his four-door sedan, and still pulling his wiener out all over town.


Gotta track this guy down, San Marcos PD. I get the feeling he won’t stop until every female student at Texas State has seen his dick.

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