Bret Bielema Eats Shit Walking Into Razorback Stadium

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Nice Move

Let’s be honest: people only care about Bret Bielema because of his wife, Jen, which is why I will show you a picture of her. Here you are, friends!


Joke’s on her, though, because she’s married to this monstrosity:


I’ve had the displeasure of meeting this man/gelatin hybrid and confirm what you all have probably already assumed just by looking at him: he’s kind of a douche. I’d feel bad spreading this embarrassing moment if he was an all-around good guy. Thankfully, that’s not the case, which makes this video that much better:

And the .gif:

Going the “I just got assassinated” route on the fall there. Interesting move, B. In reality, I have never seen anybody fall like that before. It’s pretty beautiful to watch. His legs just gave out. In their defense, though, I don’t support Bielema either.

[via USA Today Sports]



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