Brett Favre Looks Like A Jacked Santa Claus Now

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Nice Move

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What do you do if you’re Brett Favre, a 44-year-old future Hall of Fame quarterback, when you’re not winning state championships as the offensive coordinator at Oak Grove High School? Send dick pics? Nope, we all learned that is a bad idea for some strange reason. Make more Wrangler commercials in your backyard? Nah, but I wouldn’t rule it out as a possibility, either. Apparently, he chose to grow out his white beard and transform himself into a jacked version of Santa Claus. Holy shit–this dude is completely jacked. If I look like that when I’m 44, I’ll feel like I did something right (or took massive amounts of steroids).

If I was Brett Favre and had millions of dollars, my first instinct would to be to sit on a dock at some lake, drink beer all day, and just be lazy as hell. Then again, I’ve never been an NFL quarterback, so he probably doesn’t take as many days off as I do. I wouldn’t be surprised if he came back to the NFL solely to beat the shit out of some new 20-year-old hotshot quarterback, just to show him how they played football “back in his day.” If he doesn’t come back, I’m sure he will settle for winning more high school state championships, because he’s still better than you. FAVRE 4 HEISMAN!


[via Bleacher Report]


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