Browns Rookie RB Posts Number On Instagram, Receives A Bunch Of Dick Pics

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Nice Move

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Despite the return of LeBron and the arrival of Johnny Football, not everything is going so well in Cleveland. Browns rookie running back Terrance West has probably gone through his life thinking that everything he wants, he should get. So, when he wanted some nudes from a girl on Instagram, he was in for a rude awakening as to what he’d get.

West followed a married woman on Instagram and proceeded to like almost every one of her pictures. On one particular picture, he commented “Wow” and left his number with the words “text me.” His game is about as good as the Browns are.

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The woman (unlike most women, who would throw themselves at athletes for financial gain) decided to show her husband the comments. Just like many of you, the man did what any other guy would do in this situation. He gave the number to his friends so they could fuck with West.

From Deadspin:

He gave West’s number to his male friends, who said they submitted photos of their butts, chests, and wangs. Yeah, wangs.

West certainly got nudes–but they just so happened to be a bunch of dick and ass pics from dudes (resembles Dorn’s Snapchat, actually). West has since deleted his comments and made his Instagram private. The thirst is real in the NFL.

[via Deadspin]

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