Bubba Watson Hits Bad Shot, Yells At Inanimate Ground For Causing It

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Nice Move

Hate him or love him (you probably hate him), Bubba Watson is entertaining. Whether he is verbally berating his caddie Ted Scott, sinking absurd shots in putt-putt, or just being a general douche to anybody he comes in contact with, the man is always fun to watch.

Getting back to the whole “he yells at his caddie” deal, it looks like Bubs has turned over a new leaf. Gone are the days where he would blame his caddie for a bad shot. We’ve entered a new era in Bubba’s “not my fault”-dom. The era of blaming animate beings is gone – we’ve moved onto inanimate objects.

Ted Scott is breathing sighs of relief. If I were him, I’d join Bubba in blaming the ground to reinforce that it was the mud’s fault and not his. I wouldn’t be surprised if, right after this clip cuts out, Scott appears from off screen with a Bowie knife and stabs the ground to death. Better it than him.

h/t Golf Digest

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