Burger King Is Upping The Drunk Food Game With Their New Macaroni And Cheetos

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Nice Move

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Prepare your withered alcohol sponge of a stomach. Macaroni and Cheetos are here.

From The Verge:

For the latest edible remix, Burger King has tunneled deep into the American psyche and excavated something the people didn’t even know they wanted: Cheetos powder-dusted mozzarella sticks filled with deep-fried macaroni and cheese.

$2.50 will get you a melty, cheesy handful of these things, which come with ranch dipping sauce because dammit, America is the greatest country on Earth.

I was thrilled when McDonalds added mozzy sticks to the menu last year because it meant I didn’t have to drive to Arby’s anymore. This new development from BK gives every indication that it will quickly become my new go-to shame shovel after a really nasty hangover.

Right now they’re only available in Southern California, but soon, like illegal Mexican immigrants, these glorious beauties will spread to all 49 states in this great union.

Thank Cheezus!

[via The Verge]

Image via YouTube


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