BYU-Idaho Bans The Man-Bun, And It’s Time For The Rest Of America To Follow Suit

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Nice Move


The man-bun, a hairstyle once worn almost exclusively by men physically attracted to My Little Pony dolls, was recently launched into the mainstream by an even more perverted subset of the male gender: dudes who read Buzzfeed.

Now, onion-headed douchebags are everywhere you look on campus, strumming guitars, playing with their scrunchies, and kicking small beanbags at one another in a bizarre practice that I believe is called “sacky-hacking.”

Brigham Young University-Idaho has had enough. Well, we all have, but BYU-Idaho has vowed to send any man-bun wearers straight to hell.

From Scroll:

“We would consider the ‘man-bun’ to be an extreme hairstyle,” said Tyler Barton, Student Honor Administrator. “It’s just something that deviates from the norm.”

Barton said any hairstyle that is different or uncommon would fall under this same category, therefore receiving the same action.

“As part of the dress and grooming code, we commit to avoid extreme hairstyles,” said Kevin Miyasaki, Student Services & Activities Vice President. “A ‘man-bun’ would be considered not consistent with this standard.”

Well done, BYU-Idaho. Now it’s time for the rest of America to put the chop on the man-bun.

[via Scroll]

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