Cal Bears’ Assistant Coach Arrested In Prostitution Sting

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The University of California Bears’ wide receiver coach Pierre Ingram, 30, was arrested last week after soliciting a prostitute whom, to his surprise, ended up being a cop. He has since been placed on administrative leave and did not coach in the Bears’ spring game on Saturday, naturally.

The sting operation occurred in Oakland and busted five men, including Ingram. Ingram solicited his supposed prostitute online and then met her at a Motel 6 because where else would you meet a prostitute you found online? He was charged with suspicion of misdemeanor solicitation of a lewd act, a.k.a trying to bang a hooker, and then was released after being booked. The athletic department released a statement regarding the matter.

“We are aware of the situation and at this time the University is in the process of gathering more information. We were first made aware of the situation prior to the spring game,” the statement said in typical, bullshit, “We aren’t going to actually talk about this” PR statement fashion. The department went on to say that once they assess the situation further they can offer more comment.

Ingram also served as a recruiting coordinator. There’s no telling how much tuition/booster money was going directly to his misdemeanor solicitation of a lewd acts around the nation for himself and maybe even recruits. To top things off, Ingram is married. Honestly though, I wouldn’t expect incredibly wholesome things from a guy named Pierre. He has a court date next month and I’m sure he’s hoping they have less evidence against him than ATO had against them.

If you think she/he might be a cop, they are probably a cop.

[via San Jose Mercury News]

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