Cal Poly Football Players’ Attempted Armed Robbery At Delta Sig House Was Over Turf War

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A few weeks back, news broke that five Cal Poly football players were arrested for breaking into the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity house. The group was full of potential starters, including standout running back Kristaan Ivory.

A few days later, we were introduced to Forrest Baker, Delta Sig’s lethal weapon who was able to fight off the armed football players until the police showed up.

The whole incident left many questions, including what exactly the motive behind the robbery was. Those questions were answered yesterday.

From Cal Coast News:

In the days following the robbery, sources told CalCoastNews that the crime related to a turf war over marijuana sales that pitted football players against Delta Sigma Pi fraternity members. On the night of the robbery, the suspects attended a house party hosted by Cal Poly students. Some of the robbery suspects allegedly said during the party that they planned to rob the fraternity house because of the ongoing turf war over marijuana sales, party attendees said.

San Luis Obispo police previously said that the anti-anxiety drug Xanax may have factored into the robbery. They are now saying the motive for the robbery may have included taking cash and/or illegal drugs from the frat house. In a press release issued by the police department Thursday afternoon, Captain Keith Storton stated that investigators have determined narcotics were being stored, distributed and sold from specific rooms in the fraternity house both before and after the robbery took place.

The Delta Sigs were apparently not phased by the home invasion and continued to pass along their product. Well, at least they did until police searched the house yesterday and arrested former fraternity president Gear McMillan for possession and intent to sell.

As of now, no other fraternity members are facing legal action, but this story keeps getting more and more compelling by the day, so I wouldn’t be surprised by anything at this point.

[via Cal Coast News]

Image via Cal Poly


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