Alabama’s Best Offensive Lineman Is Completely Fucked

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Nice Move

Alabama's Best Offensive Lineman Is Completely Fucked

The University of Alabama’s football team took a hit earlier this morning (literally and figuratively) when star offensive tackle Cam Robinson and defensive back Hootie jones were caught smoking weed in their hometown of West Monroe, Louisiana. Both were arrested for possession, but Cam may have another charge to worry about.


Robinson and defensive back Hootie Jones were both charged with possession of narcotics in their hometown of West Monroe. The charges were more serious for Robinson, a potential first-round draft pick next season.

Along with misdemeanor possession, Robinson was also charged with felony illegal possession of stolen firearms.

In Louisiana, those charges result in a 1-5 year prison sentence. Saban has been known to kick star players off before, including way back in 2013 when he booted Eddie Williams off for robbery (something for which Williams avoided prison time). This is a felony charge, though.

Having a stolen gun in your possession is a total bonehead move for a potential first round pick. Did he not learn from the Laremy Tunsil situation? Dude dropped from top 5 to the 13th pick, and that was just for an old video of him smoking weed.

What’re the odds that some Bama boosters band together with Saban and finagle their way into getting these charges dropped against Robinson and he suits up the first Saturday in September against USC?


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