The Highest Approval Rating Amongst Americans Belongs To… Canada?

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Nice Move


It’s not an ice-cold adult beverage company, professional sports league, or leader of the free world that currently is the most favorably approved entity amongst all Americans, but our neighbors to the north that we all seemingly have the most positive perception of, according to a new NBC/WSJ poll.

The biggest crowd-pleasing thing in the United States is another country? And not some exotic paradise like Fiji or New Zealand, but the Home Depot of sovereign nations, Canada?

Shoutout to the three percent of TRUE patriots that told those Canucks to kick rocks. A lot of people just let the War of 1812 slide, as if it didn’t happen, but not that 3 percent.

Those flannel-wearing, maple syrup-chugging bastards are up to no good. They’re just waiting for their time to strike. In the meantime, they’re taking all of our jobs in the NHL and letting Canadian geese brutally murder innocent civilians. Those cold-blooded birds are currently attributing to countless airline and automotive fatalities and we’re just chalking them up as accidents. Like these menacing suicide bombers of the sky don’t know what they’re doing. Wake the fuck up, America. Canada is no friend.

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