Canada May Begin Allowing 16 And 17-Year-Olds To Have Butt Sex Too

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Nice Move


Did you know you can’t legally have consensual butt sex in Canada if you’re under the age of 18? Because you can’t legally have consensual butt sex in Canada if you’re under the age of 18. Vaginal sex? Go to town. Hand and mouth jibbers? Go for it. But Butt sex? Nope. Weird.

It is currently against the law for anyone in Canada under the age of 18 to have butt sex, whereas those of consenting age — at least 16 years old — can have all the P in V intercourse they can shake their little Canadian dicks at. It’s an antiquated, discriminatory law that is long overdue to be amended.

Canadian lawmakers are now taking steps to do exactly that.

From The New York Times:

Canadian lawmakers introduced legislation to make the age of consent 16 for all forms of sexual intercourse, one of two overtures the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took on Tuesday to combat a history of discrimination against sexual minorities.

Jody Wilson-Raybould, the justice minister, introduced an amendment to make the age of consent 16 for anal sex, as it is for vaginal sex. She said the government agreed with four appeals courts that previously declared the current age of 18 to be discriminatory.


As in many countries, homosexual acts were a crime in Canada for much of its history. Mr. Trudeau previously announced that he would posthumously pardon Everett George Klippert, who was indefinitely imprisoned — effectively a life sentence — after telling the police in 1965 that he had consensual sexual relations with four men.

How about that?! The wheels are in motion. Butt sex for all could soon be a reality in that zany country above us, of course as long as it’s between two consenting adults. What a time.

[via The New York Times]


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