Cardale Jones Wants You To Stop Saying He Beat That Kid In The Hospital By 56 Playing NCAA Football…It Was 63

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Nice Move

No one outside of dedicated Ohio State fans even knew who Cardale Jones was just a few short months ago. Now he’s one of the most likable sports figures in the country.

In January, he visited children in a local hospital and put a thrashing on one of them playing NCAA Football using himself and OSU. The score reported was 91-35, however Jones wants the world to know that score was inaccurate.

I’m pretty excited that he decided to forego the NFL Draft and stick around another year. Yeah, he’s fun to watch on the field, but the kid’s personality is also electric.

This is Jones’ second best tweet of all time, by the way. His best was deleted.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 5.48.52 PM

He ain’t come to play school.

Image via Twitter/ @CJ12_


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