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It’s Time To Take A Stand

The time has arrived. The time many foresaw but blissfully chose to ignore. The time we hoped would never arrive despite having been developing for some time now, more rapidly as it gains momentum in light of recent events. Unfortunately,…Read More »

FAIL FRIDAY: Permanent Stains

Ten real submissions, 20 photos, and three videos that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty. One time my cousin and I got a picture with the guy who played Shawn on “Boy Meets World.” TFM.…Read More »

Join Or Die A GDI

The following is an excerpt from New York Times Best Selling book TOTAL FRAT MOVE by W.R. Bolen & the Creators of Copyright © 2015 by Grandex Inc. Reprinted by permission of Grand Central Publishing. All rights reserved. WHEN…Read More »

Is This Guy Dead?

This hombre up there in the Texas trunks leaping from a beachside motel roof into a pool. Is he dead? This guy might be dead. I put it at about a 40 percent chance this guy is legitimately dead. I…Read More »