Chance At $100,000 Playing Fantasy Baseball

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Chance At $100,000 Playing Fantasy Baseball

If you’ve ever gotten bored watching a baseball game, there’s one easy way to get the heart pumping: 1-day fantasy baseball. During the recent $150,000 contest on April 12th, a late hit by Ryan Braun caused two people to tie for first, and they both took home a cool $35,000 the very next day.

Well now our friends at are holding a special contest just for the TFM readers.

This exclusive contest will reward 1st place with an entry into the next $100,000 contest, and at least 25% of you who enter will win money, AND that money will be paid out immediately following the games on Tuesday.

Sign up up now. These spots will fill up fast, and you’ll be waiving bye-bye to your chance at $100k.



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