Chapel Hill Police Find Lots Of Weed, A Little Cocaine At UNC Sig Ep House

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Nice Move

There are a few pretty obvious no-nos that every fraternity should be aware of and actively avoiding at this point. Don’t throw (or even worse, actively advertise) racially themed parties. Don’t actually endanger the lives of your pledges (just make them think you are). And don’t let any of your members deal out of the fraternity house. The latter of the three is probably the most egregious mistake a fraternity can make. While, obviously, actually endangering the lives of pledges has far worse consequences, at the very least that’s usually the result of a singular, and generally accidental, drunken mistake. But letting your fraternity’s sketchiest member sell weed and God knows what else out of the house is at best prolonged complacency and at worst extended, willful idiocy. In short, HOW FUCKING STUPID CAN YOU BE TO LET SOMEONE SELL DRUGS OUT OF YOUR FRATERNITY HOUSE!?!*

*Says the guy who used to buy pot brownies on the third floor of his own fraternity. Whatever, it’s still stupid.

Apparently Sigma Phi Epsilon at the University of North Carolina wasn’t quite aware of how bad of an idea allowing a member to sell drugs out of the house is, because who the fuck knows why, and consequently, according to The Daily Tar Heel, Chapel Hill police recently raided their house, coming away with a whole lot of weed (and a little coke). One of Sig Ep’s members was arrested and is being charged with three felonies as a result.

Chapel Hill police seized 178 grams of marijuana and .21 grams of cocaine at the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity house last week.

UNC sophomore Nicholas William McHenry was arrested and charged with three felonies at the West Cameron Avenue home on Thursday, including possession of cocaine and possession with the intent to sell and distribute marijuana, according to an arrest report.

Before you go and think McHenry is the dealer, there’s a decent chance that the poor bastard was actually biting the E-Board bullet. The reason the police were even called is because people smoking weed in the house set off a fire alarm. Seriously, being on E-Board blows. You’re all ungrateful bastards.

As the appointed fire marshal for his fraternity, McHenry was the main point of contact between the members of the fraternity and the fire and police departments.

Suczynski said he questions whether the marijuana belonged solely to McHenry.

“I don’t know that there is evidence of that at all,” he said.

“Fraternities and sororities share a lot of common rooms.”

Suczynski said McHenry’s position as the fire marshal might have played a role in his arrest.

“The fire department and the Chapel Hill Police Department centered on him because he was the one interacting with them,” Suczynski said.

Oof. Fraternity fire marshal? Dude is being charged with three felonies and he’s like the twelfth most important person on exec. Though, to be fair, whether or not the drugs were McHenry’s, he was doing a terrible job as fire marshal, which is how this all started.

Matthew Suczynski, a lawyer representing McHenry, said members of the fraternity were smoking hookah in the basement of the home which caused a fire alarm to go off two separate times Thursday.

When the Chapel Hill Fire Department responded to the second alarm, they believed they smelled marijuana and called the Chapel Hill Police Department.

The police officers secured a search warrant and uncovered the drugs at the house, Suczynski said.

I’ve never been (or even heard of) fraternity fire marshal — usually I think that falls under house or risk manager — but I have to assume their duties are as follows: 1) Make sure the house isn’t a total death trap, and 2) Make sure no one sets off the smoke alarms and gets the fire department called.

Set off the fire alarm because you’re smoking too much weed once, shame on you. Set off the fire alarm because you’re smoking too much weed twice, shame on me, the fraternity’s shitty fire marshal.

While some facets of this story make it unclear whether or not the drugs belonged to McHenry, it is somewhat interesting that he was immediately expelled from Sig Ep. Granted, this could have just been a symbolic move to cover their asses, but if it was, where’s the real dealer? Because his ass should definitely be gone, and really shouldn’t ever have been there. Dammit Sig Ep, this is what that sort of cool, but only in small doses GDI dealer is for! You’re doing it wrong.

The fraternity is calling the bust an isolated incident (ha, sure), and so far there have been no sanctions or punishments against the fraternity as whole.

[via The Daily Tar Heel]



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