Charles Barkley Celebrates Auburn Win By Buying Drinks And Rapping

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Nice Move

Charles Barkley took to the town after Auburn’s big win over rival Alabama at the Iron Bowl to dominate the bars like he dominated the court. Barkley, a huge Auburn fan and alumnus from the school, decided to celebrate his team’s big win at En Fuego, according to a tipster cited by Deadspin. This follows up his previous night’s festivities, where he pounded shots in a “Good luck, Coach Saban… at Texas” t-shirt. At one point in the evening, he took to the mic to let the crowd know just how he felt about Alabama, saying “Roll Tears Roll” and “I just wanna take a moment to acknowledge all the Bama fans in the house…thanks for playing and get the hell back to Tuscaloosa.” Ouch.

Barkley then later told everyone drinks were on him for the next three songs and requested Tom Ford in honor of defensive lineman Dee Ford, then followed up with his own cover of “Paris” by Kanye West. You can watch it here. Basically, En Fuego was Charles Barkley’s personal playground for the evening. I mean, if you were a DJ, you wouldn’t refuse Charles Barkley. I feel like he’d be the Don Corleone of basketball, in that you accept his offer or he dunks you in the nearest trashcan and gets the replay shown on Sports Center’s Not Top 10 for the next 6 months to humiliate you. Just look at his rap game in this video. I would be shocked if Kanye and Jay-Z didn’t show up at his house Monday morning to offer him a contract.

The standard for post-game fan power moves has been set. Charles Barkley knows how to celebrate a win.

[via Deadspin]




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    John Clayton

    “When I was recruited at Auburn, they took me to a strip joint. When I saw those titties on Buffy, I knew that Auburn met my academic requirements.” – Charles Fucking Barkley

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