Charlie Sheen Would Make Girls Sign A Non-Disclosure Agreement Before Sex, And Here It Is

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Charlie Sheen Would Make Girls Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements Before Sex, And Here It Is

Charlie Sheen is known for his sexual history of courting many, many women — sometimes more than one at a time. To keep his sex life and acting life separate, he would give his partners a non-disclosure agreement before the two brought their loins together.

InTouch got their hands on the NDA and posted it for the world to see. Here they are.



I’m not a lawyer, but this looks like a pretty sound agreement. Should one of the ladies go mouthing off about their sexy time, then she owes him a $100K fine plus any other expenses incurred from the agreement. It’s foolproof logic. Sheen makes sure that 1) no girl will run to the media about their sexual past and 2) it ensures that sex is consensual because they are signing a legal document.

This reminds me a lot about Dave Chappelle’s love contract.

Charlie Sheen to his sexual partners:

“Don’t tell anyone or I’ll sue your ass!” I think I’m going to have my lawyer start drafting these up.

[via InTouch]

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