Check Out The Ex-Mrs. Wolf Of Wall Street In This ’90s Miller Lite Commercial

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Nice Move

I’m so happy I was alive for the early-90s, even if it was in a semi-conscious manner. They were great times, summed up almost perfectly in this 1990 Miller Lite ad featuring none other than Nadine Caridi, aka Jordan Belfort’s second wife. Nadine is only in the commercial for a moment, but that’s all you need to see to tell she was a full on 80s/90s dime.

Hitting the park with your rad frisbee, your radder dog, and even radder babes, because you weren’t locked in a cave-like basement masturbating to the internet. Simpler, happier times.

[via YouTube]


Rob Fox

Rob Fox (né Bacon) is Director of Video Content and a Senior Writer for Total Frat Move, Rowdy Gentleman, and Post Grad Problems. He is a graduate, without honors, from the University of Missouri. His fake best-selling novel series, The Frat Romance Novel, has been self-described as a "pioneering achievement in satirical erotica." Rob is originally from St. Louis, and currently lives in Austin, Texas. He still has not admitted to his family what he does for a living, and is prone to having wet nightmares ever since losing his virginity in a haunted house. Email:

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  1. 74

    No wonder miller lite keeps losing market share. They get a babe for their commercial and only show her for a second, and instead have some goober ramble.

    ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 2 years ago