Check Out This Couple Shamelessly Boning In Public At The Indy 500 Tailgate

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Nice Move

Racing seems to bring out a whole new breed of folks to the speedways. People watching at these events is top notch. Similarly, sifting through the photos that are submitted to us here at TFM is extremely entertaining.

This afternoon, I found this pic with the simple caption “So this happened at Indianapolis 500 this memorial day weekend. My friends getting his ass grabbed.” But there is much more going on in the picture than that.


The first thing that jumps out is the fact that this dude is balls deep in some serious missionary. The second thing is that these two neanderthals are going at it in broad daylight, giving zero fucks as to who sees them bumping uglies. Finally, you get to the dude grabbing another dude’s ass mid-pound. Who does that? Maybe that’s why the girl looks bored: he’s paying more attention to another guy’s buttocks than to her.

Moral of the story: go to a racing event and watch the people around you. You’ll feel one hundred times better about yourself.


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