The Chicago Cubs Just Brutally Owned Charlotte Hornets Big Man Frank Kaminsky

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Nice Move

frank kaminsky

There is no reason for you to know this, but the Charlotte Hornets played a preseason basketball game against the Bulls in Chicago last night. A game, absurdly enough, that I attended with friends.

The Hornets won in double overtime, which shouldn’t concern you even slightly, but the real winner of the night was the Chicago Cubs social media manager — who fabulously trolled Hornets big man Frank Kaminsky on Twitter after the game.

Kaminsky, a native of Illinois and a proud White Sox fan, showed up to the United Center in a Steve Bartman jersey. The following Twitter war ensued.

The Cubs were quick to the trigger with their counter:

As was Frank the Tank:

The Cubs were not amused:

Frank doubled down:

And then the Cubs dropped the mic:


If there was any doubt remaining that the Cubs were going to steamroll their way into their first World Series title in the last century, this should remove it. Who knew preseason NBA action mixed with Major League Baseball could be so thrilling?

Image via YouTube


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