Chick Bends Over To Vomit In Porta-Potty Toilet, Falls Inside

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Nice Move

There is very little context to this story, unfortunately. An anonymous tipster spotted this photo on their Facebook feed, including a brief description about what happened.

“Saw this on my newsfeed. Some girl tried to puke in a public toilet during a big festival, she fell in and got covered in poo…”

Really though, who cares about the details? The bottom line is some chick fell inside what I consider to be the most vile reservoir on the face of the planet. It’s a plastic box that houses human piss, shit and vomit, and it sits out in the sun and bakes, kind of like it’s cooking up a big steamy stew of human waste. Shit’s nasty. That doesn’t even mention the little kids and drunk adults that stand in there and just piss all over the walls and toilet seats like a bunch of blind, wild animals.

What’s your next step here if this is you? You can’t just walk this one off. “No it’s cool, guys. I’m fine. Can someone toss be a bottle of water? I just need to rinse my mouth out right quick and I’ll be good as new.”

Not gonna work like that. This’ll ruin your year.


Look at that shit.

[via Be The Rave]



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