Chick Gets Demolished By Stiff-Arm From Base Runner During Intramural Kickball Game (Video)

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Nice Move

I have little to no context on the following video. All I know is that if you make the mistake of getting in the way of our boy Andy here, he’ll pull a page out his high school glory days and run through you like a freshly-painted, pun-laden homecoming banner.

I know I shouldn’t laugh. I really do. But when you throw Jim Ross audio over some broad getting de-cleated and blasted back to the prehistoric ages, I’m going to crack every time. If that makes me a terrible person, then so be it.

I’m also not faulting Andy here, at all. Now, was the outstretched arm maybe a bit excessive? Let’s not argue semantics. He simply sees the ball drop in the outfield and straight books it towards second. If a Fiat were to turn and pull out in front of a tractor trailer already kicked into top gear, you wouldn’t blame the truck driver for the collateral damage, would you? This was just an utter lack of game awareness showcased by shorty in the backward snapback.

Being oblivious to the base paths is one thing, but for her to actually think the relay throw was coming her way is straight lunacy. Especially since she looks to have the motor skills of Michael J. Fox. You just have to be more self aware, sweetheart. Your ONE job is to stay out of the way. You failed at that job and paid the price.

h/t Smitty

Image via Youtube


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