Chick Pulls Power Move, Parks Maserati In Middle Of Busy Road

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Nice Move

And I mean literally right in the very middle of the road, like the Maserati emblem on the hood was in between the double yellow lines. Talk about blatant disregard for authority and fellow man. It’s the rare female power move, and it’s a brilliant one. She’s just cruising around town in a Maz and parking it wherever she damn well pleases.

Yeah, girls can pull power moves, guys. You probably didn’t know that.

From Daily Mail:

A young woman who said she couldn’t find a space in her office car park left her £90,000 Maserati Granturismo in the middle of the road, causing a scene in the south western Chinese city of Chongqing.

When the 22-year-old graduate intern was told that her thoughtless parking had angered local people, she replied saying they must simply be envious of her car.

Now she’s showing off, just stacking power moves up, one on top of another. Yeah, I’m sure everyone’s anger is simply derived from envy that you’re rolling around in a Maserati and has nothing to do with you unnecessarily holding up traffic like you own the whole damn town. I love this chick.

It’s one of the greatest “I’ll take the fine” tales from a girl you’re ever gonna see.



[via Daily Mail]



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