Chick Tries To Enter Field During Iowa Game, Is Arrested, Blows 0.341, Is Awesome On Twitter

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Nice Move

Meet Samantha Goudie, @Vodka_samm on Twitter.

As evidenced by the above tweet, and many, many others that reveal her penchant for an elevated BAC, Vodka Samm likes to drink. One can assume she probably drinks a lot, and probably often. Especially vodka. Vodka Samm attended the Iowa-Northern Illinois football game on Saturday, but she didn’t get to see the end of it.

According to the University of Iowa police report, Samantha was arrested for public intoxication after she was caught trying to enter the playing field during the game. She would later blow a 0.341.

Goudie, Samantha Lynne, 22 of Iowa City, IA for Public Intox at Kinnick Stadium at 1321 hours. Goudie was stopped for trying to enter the field. Goudie was unsteady on her feet. Goudie blew .341 PBT.

She was soon released from jail, probably around 3:30, because she started tweeting again at 3:33. It turns out she’s awesome on Twitter.



Her mom may like vodka, too.

That’s a no-brainer.

Classic Vodka Samm.

Go Hawks.

[via Deadspin]

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