Chipper Jones Challenging An Army Vet To Fight On Twitter Is Not A Good Look

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Nice Move

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Chipper Jones is a must follow on Twitter. Where most athletes or former ballplayers fill your timeline with the entertainment value of a church run family game night, Chipper constantly slings out fire flames. His feed ranges from Sandy Hook conspiracy theories to revolutionary solutions to solving illegal immigration with alligators, and now includes challenging army veterans to throw down, man to man.



As an Irish Catholic from the Northeast, holding grudges is inherent in my DNA, so I honestly can’t decipher if this guy is legitimately still bitter about Jones not signing an autograph seventeen years ago or if this is a straight troll job. Either way, the response by Chipper was on point. Essentially saying “I’m glad I didn’t give your punk ass eight-year-old self my signature,” just really sets the tone for where this would spiral down to. Also, I’m putting #keyboardclown in my back pocket for future use.

It’s all fun and games until Jones slips into the kid’s DMs. Classic case of when keeping it real goes wrong. Not a good look on the eight-time all star and former NL MVP to throw out “3 deployments don’t mean squat to me.”

Maybe sit the next few plays out, Chip.

[via Busted Coverage]

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