Chris Pratt Confirms He Is The Coolest Celebrity Alive In GQ Interview

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Nice Move

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Chris Pratt, from “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Parks and Recreation,” recently spent a day with a writer from GQ in anticipation of being named one of the magazine’s men of the year. Pratt routinely kills it in interviews, such as when he rapped “Forgot About Dre” on the radio, but you can never be too sure with GQ. Hell, with most celebrities, I’m sure interviews like these are either mind-numbingly boring or douchey to the extreme. With Chris Pratt, however, it was fucking awesome.

From Drew Magary:

I only spent a day with the guy, and in that day we shot guns, we grilled dead animals, we got mad at asshole drivers, we busted out some really good whiskey, we smoked cigars, we hung out at his house, we talked about strippers and compound bows, and he told highly amusing stories about Mickey Rourke and David Letterman being dicks.

Guns? Check. Grilling meat? Check. Road rage? Check. Whiskey and cigars? Check. Strippers? Check. Casually telling stories about famous people? Check. Every single one of these could be a TFM. Together, they come close to the greatest day ever.

[via GQ]

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