Chrissy Teigen As Guy Fieri For Halloween Is So Hot That I’m Hopping On The First Bus To Flavortown

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Nice Move

All aboard for Flavortown!!!

Chrissy Teigen gets my motor running normally, when she’s in a bikini, in her bloomers and such. She’s never been hotter to me, though, than when she went as sexy Guy Fieri for the Halloween episode of her show FABlife. Holy hot Halloween costume, Batman!!!

Humuna humuna humuna.

I hope nobody walks back to my cubicle right now, because they’re not gonna like what they see. Look at that luscious goatee with just a hint of frost, right there in the middle. And don’t get even get me started on the iciness of that mop up top. Forget frosted tips, that’s frosted everything. This is just some out of bounds, gangsta stuff here. I knew Chrissy Teigen was hot, but this is next level, and I can’t get enough.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go watch some Triple D.

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