Cincinnati Professor Threatens To Fail Any Student Wearing Ohio State Gear To His Class

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Nice Move

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Is there anything worse than the jackass who wears the shirt of an in-state rival and school he or she doesn’t go to around campus? Hey buddy, I don’t care how big of a fan of that school you were growing up–you go here now. Dress for the school you go to, not the one that denied you.

Steve Fuller, a professor at Cincinnati, shares this same sentiment, and he sent out a tweet that apparently caught the attention of these terrible individuals. He has since deleted the tweet, but luckily, it’s still alive through some retweets.

It’s a little disappointing he backed down from his original statement, but he has since taken the attention in stride.

Bold move on Steve’s part, as Cincinnati sits as a 16-point underdog to the Buckeyes. Regardless, you have to respect a man who sticks by his school. Here’s to you, Steve, and here’s to the Bearcats pulling off the upset.

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