Cincinnati SigEp Enters The Housing War With $2.5M Renovations

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Nice Move

Cincinnati SigEp Drops A Nuke On The Housing War With $2.5M Renovations

I’ve got some good news, guys. We have some fraternity stuff to report on, and it is awesome. The SigEps at the University of Cincinnati have completed renovations on their house to the tune of $2.5M. It looks pretty badass, too. When it comes to the “poor college student” stereotype, Greeks aren’t lumped in, and it’s easy to see why.




The fraternity hosted their grand opening in July. The house will now hold 49 members. In addition, they have a three-car garage, library, and ample space for learning. Seriously, they may host classes for brothers and sorority girls in their house.

From SigEp:

They also saw an opportunity to innovate by providing additional academic space including classrooms, faculty office space and student meeting rooms that would soon host classes for brothers as well as members of sororities.

One of the great perks about Greek life is that the houses we live in are nicer than the majority of the houses where the rest of the American population lives. We are constantly trying to one-up each other by having the biggest, best, most luxurious palace on campus. Cincinnati SigEp just put the rest of the university on notice with this behemoth.

[via SigEp]

Images via Facebook/SigEp


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