Subconsciously avoiding walking on grass, even though hell week was two years ago. TFM.

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    Frat Misogynist

    So, my girlfriend and I are into the whole open relationship thing. We had been quietly looking for a party to go to and meet other swingers. We weren’t looking to actually hook up at our first party, we just wanted to hang out and get to know some folks for future casual hookups. We didn’t want to do it anywhere near our home town or our colleges because we didn’t want to run into anyone we knew, or anyone that knew either of our parents. After about 2 weeks of looking and talking to people involved in “the lifestyle” in the area, we got an invite to a pretty exclusive invite-only masquerade party about 2 hours north of us. It just so happened that was the same weekend that my mom was going to some security conference for her job (bank branch manager) and dad was going to tag along and make a weekend of it since it was going to be way out in Chicago. So, we get out there and the spot is fucking banging. Hot couples all over. We put our mardi-gras masks on and kinda sat to the side for a bit and had some drinks. By some, I mean we were close to blackout. Being one of the youngest couples there, a lot of people were buying us drinks even though we said we were “just looking”. After a while though, she started rubbing my pants leg, then my cock, then I felt someone else’s hand rubbing my cock too. We had attracted the attention of another couple who we had talked to earlier who was also “just looking”. Well, one thing led to another, and we were in the middle of a 6 way fuckfest a little while later. I’m not sure how long we had sex, I was so hammered I couldn’t even read a fucking watch. In this heap of sex and bodily fluids, we hooked up with a more mature couple that was really going to town. Both he and she were touching and sucking everything in sight. My girlfriend started riding his cock, and I was assfucking his wife, and in the heat of the moment I knocked over a little cocktail table next to the mat we were laying on. An ashtray with a lit cigarette landed upside down on the wife’s shoulder, and when she yelped in pain her asshole tightened and I came. The table hit the dude in the face, almost knocking off his mask. We were asked to leave because were were “too drunk and getting rowdy” according to the mistress in charge, even though the other couples said it was OK. We managed to pull our clothes on and staggered off to a hotel nearby to sleep it off. We woke up about 10 am the next morning and hauled ass home before my mom’s flight was supposed to get back at 12:35. So here’s where the fucked up part comes in. My mom had a big band-aid on her shoulder. My dad has a bruise under his left eye. My girlfriend says she thinks she’s pregnant.
    The most fucked up thing was that the hotel had a 9 am checkout, so they charged me for 2 days.

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    At first i thought this was a typo…but the “r” in grass is on the other side of the keyboard as “L.” I never knew grass could cause so much trauma.

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