Clever Jeopardy! Contestant Got Alex Trebek To Say “Turd Ferguson” On Last Night’s Show

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Nice Move

It only took a zillion years, but someone finally had the balls (or I guess ovaries, in this case) to trick Alex Trebek into reenacting the famous Saturday Night Live Burt Reynolds Jeopardy! routine.

Love this move. I would have pulled it off myself, if I was given the chance. I’ve never relinquished this fact about myself before, but I passed the Teen Jeopardy! online test back when I was in high school and was offered an in-person interview, which I absolutely crushed. Wasn’t given a spot on the show, though. I maintain to this day that it’s because I was the coolest kid who tried out by a country mile, and they wanted to give the nerdy kids who auditioned a shot at having something going for them.

Either way, I still love Jeopardy! and this was still awesome. You can’t beat the classics.

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