WVU QB Clint Trickett Hates Watching Football With Chicks, Thinks They Should Stick To Cooking

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Nice Move

Watching sports with a woman can be very hit-or-miss. Most of the time, it’s a miss. They aren’t always the best game-watching partners, but it’s worth it because they look hot and talk shit about the other team. Clint Trickett knows firsthand how bad it can be to watch a girl try to understand the game of football.

Just last week, Trickett was watching a Canadian Football League game with a female family member, presumably because he wants to see what kind of competition is in his future once he’s done at West Virginia. The experience of watching the game got so bad that Trickett took to Twitter to express his displeasure.


Telling chicks to stick to cooking is definitely a TFM. However, I’m not sure I would compare watching a game with a girl to death. I would say it’s almost as bad as being a GDI, the TFM intern, or a liberal.

Trickett has since deleted his Twitter and apologized, saying that the tweet was “misunderstood.” Apologizing is NF. Plus, Trickett better get used to hoes not being loyal–once he starts this season 2-3, his hoes won’t be loyal to a loser.

[via WV Metro News]


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