CNN Anchor Says Dallas Shooter Who Tried To Gun Down Cops Is “Brave And Courageous”

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Nice Move

CNN Anchor Says Dallas Shooter Who Tried To Gun Down Cops Is "Brave And Courageous"

Late last night in Dallas, a crazy guy tried to gun down multiple Dallas police officers. In addition to firing an automatic weapon out of an armored van, he also planted explosives under the police cars.

After ramming a cop car outside of Dallas PD’s headquarters, he led officers on a chase where they pinned him down in a parking lot. An intense gun shootout had ensued before negotiations took over, and police disabled the vehicle with a .50 cal rifle.

The real heroes of the night were the officers who were able to neutralize the situation without anyone getting harmed. However, if you ask CNN anchor Fedricka Whitfield, she would tell you that the gunman is the hero. Listen to how she described the gunman.

Wow. She probably thinks the gunman is a regular Caitlyn Jenner. So brave. So courageous. Get the fuck outta here. Don’t even try to say you misspoke either. You don’t accidentally use those words together.

I hope CNN is courageous and brave by removing her from the station.

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