Colorado State’s Undie Run Got Awesomely Out Of Control In The Rain

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Nice Move

The Colorado State Undie Run Was About As Sexual As You Can Imagine

What do you get when you mix a bunch of sexually frustrated students, the end of finals, and the inclination to be philanthropic? You get an undie run of course. Undie runs are a great time to let loose and let it all hang out. The students at Colorado State know this very well.

Last Friday, hundreds of students showed up, despite pouring rain and possible thunderstorms in the area, to strip down to their underwear and go for a light jog. The event, called BARE, also collects donated clothes to give to charity. What started out as a normal undie run quickly turned rather raunchy, not that there’s anything wrong with that. One guy did what anyone else would do, whipped out his phone, and documented the whole scene. It’s pretty wild to say the least.

Here’s some of the footage we received.

Photo May 08, 9 15 42 PM

Photo May 08, 9 16 02 PM

Photo May 08, 9 17 11 PM

The rain makes this whole thing exponentially more sexual and generally unsafe. Good on you, Mother Nature.

Image via YouTube


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